It’s only less than 3 months before we will be welcoming in 2020 and it’s not too early to plan out your trips ahead with the 12 most possible weekends. As Penangites with Saturdays and Sundays as our weekends, we do also have some additional state holidays, thus making life more exciting to seek out great vacation venues ahead. We’ll just need to apply for 8 days of our 2020 annual leaves and will be able to enjoy 12 long weekends. That’s 46 days of holidays for every Penangite to find their much sought-after happiness! After all, happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new, with the people you love.

Without keeping you in suspense further, let’s check out when are the 12 long weekends in 2020 below.

Here’s the chart for the Penang Public Holidays 2020, in which some will fall on Saturdays. Thus, those working in the Multi-National Corporation (MNC) might get even more replacement holidays for more long weekends.

In case you might want to refer to the 2020 calendar, we have a copy prepared for you below too.

You can also check out the official sites for Malaysian Public Holidays 2020 (all states) and Malaysian School Holidays (all states), once they are updated.

A vacation could help in relieving stress and boredom, give us some changes of scenery, provide us with new adventures, and help to bring us closer to the people in our lives. Take breaks, relax and play to enrich your body, mind, and soul for better days ahead.

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