Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients are believed to contain many medicinal properties for balancing the Yin (陰 – the feminine or negative principle, characterized by dark, wetness, cold, passivity, disintegration, etc.) and Yang (陽 – the masculine or positive principle, characterized by light, warmth, dryness, activity, etc.) in the body. With the current unpredictable heat and downpours, many people are down due to a dry cough and flu. Thus, it’s great to prepare Steamed Asian Pear with Chinese Almonds and Rock Sugar to strengthen the body. Asian pears are perfect for dry coughs, especially in moistening the throat and lungs, relieving cough and phlegm clearance. White fungus, on the other hand, is superb to nourish the body, heal dry coughs and clearing heat in the lungs. Chinese almonds or commonly known as apricot seeds are great to strengthen the respiratory system. Goji berries (wolfberries) with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a red date are great to balance up the formula, Qi and blood for the body. Dried longan fruits would nourish blood circulation and has a calming effect on nervous system. The American ginseng acts as a powerful adaptogen to reduce the effects of any kind of stresses, physically or mentally.

1 large Asian pear
1 small piece white fungus (soaked in hot water for about 15 minutes, drain well)
1 tsp Chinese almonds (apricot seeds)
1 tsp Goji berries (wolfberries)
1 Chinese red date (a light slit will infuse more flavor)
2 pieces dried longan
1 tsp American ginseng powder or 2-3 small slices
2 tsp rock sugar (6-7 pieces if they come in crystal form or to taste)
Water (to fill to the brim)

You can replace the rock sugar with honey but it would give u a slightly sour aftertaste.

1. Wash the pear with an enzyme liquid or any fruit/vegetables cleaner well to rid of any existing dust or pesticide. Dry it well.
2. Cut off the top and use a teaspoon to slowly scoop out the core. Be careful not to scoop too much until the base as it may leak after steaming.
3. Fill all the ingredients above into the pear and fill it up with water. Close the lid well.
4. Heat up the water in your wok/steamer. Put in your filled pear and steam under MEDIUM-LOW fire for about 40-45 minutes. If there’s still a slight crunch on the pear, you got the recipe right. Stir well and serve hot.

(Serves: 1)


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