There’s a whole world of interesting experiences out there waiting for us to explore. How could we possibly live our lives by just looking at those mysterious doors without having the curiosity to open them? That’s why we’re always exploring our dreams for more new discoveries. What made us special is that we’re a team of adventurous and enthusiastic nomad gourmands who loves to explore any nooks and corners of the world in search of great gastronomy, lifestyle and hospitality scenes to make us feel happy and contented. Making sure that work is more fun than fun is always our virtue. Anyway, life is too short to miss out all the happy times when we still have the health, energy and teeth to do so. Have fun always!

If you’ve anything that you would like us to review, we can be reached at makantrek@gmail.com anytime, as long as it’s not against our “mission & vision” and principles as stated in our “Disclaimer“.

Our Mission:

Life’s a mission and not a career. Never merely live life for survival but to strive for the best in every task with passion and devotion


Our Vision:
To inspire each individual to enjoy life to the fullest without having any regret thereafter