Cialis tablets for sale: Men reduce potency and testosterone production daily

Scientists have determined that a chemical compound such as bisphenol A is one of the main causes of decreased male potency, testosterone production and deterioration of reproductive function.

Steps are already being taken around the world in the form of a ban on bottled water for daily use, but in many countries its production is thriving.

Scientists have found that when heated water tanks chemicals from bottles emit carcinogens into the water. The same thing happens when warming up food stored in a plastic container. Experts based on research have found that the use of such products and water from plastic bottles leads to the suppression of erectile function in men, in addition, reduced levels of the main male hormone – testosterone, which leads to a decrease in the reduction Potency. To improve potency we recommend buying Cialis tablets at

Thus, a regular office lunch from a container soaked with tea made from bottled water, daily reduces the chances of men to offspring and maintain potency for years to come.

Earlier it was reported that modern rhythm and lifestyle leave less and less chance that a person will keep his health for many years. Male potency is no exception.